DIGITAL DROP BOX: Submitting Assignments

To submit an assignment to a drop box, click the Lessons Tab.

Navigate to your drop box and click its title:

Submit Assignment 1

You will then receive the Drop BoxSubmit Assignment 2

Enter a Title and Message for your submission.

Adding Attachments
Click the Attachments button to locate and add one or more file.

The attachments window appears. Click the Browse button, locate the file you want to upload, and click Open. You are returned to the attachments window.

Click Upload File. Repeat this process to upload multiple files.

Submit Assignment 3



When you've uploaded all the files you need, click the Finished button:

Submit Assignment 4

You are returned to the Dropbox Submission page; the files you uploaded are displayed.

Click the Submit button to complete the submission process.

You will then receive a receipt of successful submission:

Submit Assignment 5