Logging In
Also find your personal information, password, and, system settings

Upon receiving your ANGEL username and password, you can then go to the ANGEL site at http://angel.btc.ctc.edu. Enter your username (student ID#) and password (first 5 letters of your last name) and click the Log On button to begin.

When you log into ANGEL, you are presented with your Personal Home Page. It provides you with access to all courses that you are taking.



ANGEL components: Nuggets

ANGEL components are known as nuggets. Basically, nuggets are the different tools that make up your ANGEL Home Page like Courses and Course Mail:



Nuggets can be edited and customized depending on the specific nugget component. Some nuggets have more options.

Navigation Tools (Power Strip)

Your personal home page features a set of navigation tools, located in the Power Strip along the left edge of the screen. These icons are always available on your personal home page and whenever you are working in a course or group:


The following table describes these navigation tools.

Home Returns you to your home page.

Help Displays online help, guides, and resources

Log Off Logs you out of the ANGEL environment

ePortfolio Launches ePortfolio

Learning Object Repository (LOR) Accesses your personal place for storage, tagging, searching, sharing, reuse, and management of learning objects.

Personal Preferences Provides access to your user settings, such as your personal information, password, theme selector, system settings, and PDA agent

ANGEL IM Opens the online ANGEL Instant Messenger