Rich Text Box Editor

Accessing the Text Box Editor
By default, a plain text editor is available. To access the rich text editor, click the upside down triangle:



HTML Editor 1


Menu Overview
The formatting features are available above the text field:


Text Box Editor View

The table below highlights the most important text box functions. Individual buttons are grouped with their respective menu options (highlighted by the upside down triangle:






Text Box Editor Maximize View

Maximize Text Box
Maximizes the size of the text box (RECOMMENDED).

Note: Maximizing text area will obscure hide the Save button from view. See the portion below on saving your content.


Text Box Editor Edit Menu

Edit Options
Clicking triangle allows user to edit text, copy-and-paste, find-and-replace, etc.


Text Box Editor Edit Menu

Font Style Options
Clicking triangle allows user to add a font style to selected text.


Text Box Editor Links Menu

Content and Web Links
Add content or web links. Clicking triangle allows user to insert or remove content or web links.

Add links to text by highlighting the text and clicking on the
Insert/Edit Web Link button (the globe with the chain link).


Text Box Editor Multimedia Menu

Image and Multimedia Options
Allows user to add image. Clicking triangle allows user to add multimedia.

Below is the
tutorial on inserting an image.


Text Box Editor Insert Menu

Insert Menu
Allows user to insert templates, special characters, line, and page breaks


Text Box Editor Table Menu

Insert Table
Allows user to insert table. Clicking triangle allows user to edit/delete table, rows, and columns.


Text Box Editor form Menu

Insert Form
Allows user to insert web-based form. Clicking triangle allows user to insert form question types and buttons.


Text Box Editor Lists Menu

List Options
Insert numbered and bulleted lists. Clicking triangle allows user to control indent features.


Text Box Editor Lists Menu

Text Justify Options
Clicking triangle allows user to control a number of options.


Text Box Editor Text Color Menu

Text Color Options
Allows control of text color.


Text Box Editor Background Color Menu

Background Color Options
Allows control of background color.


Text Box Editor Style Menu

Style Options
Allows control of different text and area formatting styles.


Text Box Editor Format Menu

Format Options
Allows control of text headings.


Text Box Editor Font Menu

Font Options
Allows user to choose from a number of fonts.


Text Box Editor Font Size Menu

Font Size Options
Allows user to control font size.


Text Box Editor Source

Source Option
Clicking this icon allows user to see the page in HTML code.


Text Box Editor File Menu

File Menu Options
Clicking triangle allows user to check spelling, preview the page, add document properties, and save.

Inserting an Image into Text Box Editor
To insert an image, place your cursor in the part of text area where you want to place your image. Then, click the Add Image button:


Insert Image 1


You will see the Image Properties window.

If the image is on the World Wide Web, simply provide the absolute URL to the image.

If you need to upload an image from your computer, click the Browse Server button:


Insert Image 2


You will then see the Content Links window.

Make sure the Associated tab is selected. Click the Browse button on the bottom right to find the image on your computer.

Click Upload File to process the image upload:

Insert Image 3

Insert Image 4


Your image file will then appear on the Associated Tab list. Double-click on the file name:




You will return to the Image Properties window with your image displayed in the Preview screen.             Insert Image 5

Click OK:

You will then see your image embedded into the text area.

Insert Image 6


Saving Rich Content
If you've created content with the Text Area maximized, you will not be able to see the Save button.

Click the Text Box Editor Maximize Viewicon to minimize the text window and click Save to finish